Return to Sender: How I Unsubscribed From Catalogs and Stopped Junk Mail is a personal account of one individual’s journey to rid their mailbox of unwanted marketing materials. The author details their experience with various unsubscribe services, such as and Catalog Choice, and shares their findings on the effectiveness of these services. They also discuss the process of directly contacting companies to opt out of receiving catalogs and postcards, highlighting the success they had with certain companies like Pendleton and Vuori.

One particularly challenging case involved the Harry & David catalog, which lacked online forms or customer service email addresses. The author resorted to sending a fax to the company to request removal from their mailing list, showcasing their determination to eliminate unwanted mail. They also utilized Catalog Choice to assist in the removal process, demonstrating a multi-faceted approach to tackling the issue.

After a month of actively unsubscribing from various mailing lists, the author reflects on their progress and notes a significant reduction in the amount of junk mail received. They emphasize the importance of directly contacting companies and engaging in proactive measures to stop physical mailers effectively.

Return to Sender provides valuable insights and practical tips for individuals looking to declutter their mailboxes and reduce the influx of unwanted marketing materials. The author’s firsthand account offers a relatable and informative narrative that can inspire others to take control of their mailbox and unsubscribe from catalogs and junk mail.

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